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    Spiritual Counseling

    Whether you’re in spiritual crisis, have had a troubling spontaneous spiritual experiences or you’ve had a dedicated spiritual practice for many years and need further guidance, Ted can help you from where you’re coming from given your unique history.

    He has many years of expertise with the following issues:

    Spiritual Awakening
    Spiritual Emergency

    Unitive Consciousness
    Existential Crisis
    Near-Death Experience
    Loss or Change of Faith
    Past Lives
    Lucid Dreams/Out of Body
    Divine Experiences
    Shamanic Issues
    Channel/Medium Experiences
    Mystical Sexual Experiences
    Dark Night of the Soul
    Heightened Prana/Chi/Energy Intensity
    Void Experiences
    Rebirth/Renewal Process
    Entheogenic Experiences & Integration
    UFO/Extraterrestrial Experiences
    …among other things.

    Contact me for my rates and with any questions you may have about Ted’s work in this area.


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    Ted can speak as a guest lecturer for private or institutional events locally or internationally. He can also give one to seven-day workshops focusing on a variety of topics.

    • Dream Recall and Enhancement
    • Lucid Dreaming
    • Out-of-Body Experiences
    • Meditation
    • Kundalini and Nonduality

    Contact me for more details and pricing.