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    Transpersonal Dreaming II with Ted Esser

    May 3, 2015
    10 am – 5 pm
    Sliding scale: $65 – $95

    EVERY NIGHT, we journey to a place that often goes unrecognized for its true spiritual depth.

    Having a greater understanding of your dreaming life can deepen your spiritual practice and personal growth, enhancing your life in many unexpected and liberating ways. This day-long transpersonal dreaming program will combine cycles of instruction, experiences, and interaction. It will have the flexibility to help anyone on the dreaming spectrum-from those who cannot remember their dreams to those who have been “naturals” since childhood.

    Attendance to the first day-long is not required to attend this one. The topics covered will be a review and continuation from the last session, and include increasing dream recall and influence, methods for lucid dreaming, and the experiences possible using transpersonal dreaming practices.

    The teaching philosophy and structure of this day-long program neither requires nor endorses any particular belief system, while remaining open to all traditions. It is suitable for both beginning and experienced dreamers and meditators or anyone who is interested in the wisdom of the heart.

    This page will be updated with past and future events soon!